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At Graham’s Organics, we believe in the importance of healthy, organic meat. Whether it’s organic chicken feed to create the best tasting meat/eggs, or sirloin steak from one of our Black Angus grass fed cattle, we put in the required time and effort to make each Graham’s product the best. We are proud to offer our own purebred Angus Beef, and Fresh Organic Feed. In addition, we now offer chicken and pork from trusted local organic-farming partners, as well as delicious, made on-site, pork products like bacon and sausages.

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"Organic Products we're proud to put our name on"

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Our Organic Meats & Animal Feed

Organic Black Angus Beef from Organic Michigan Farm

Organic Angus Beef

Grahams Organics pastured Black Angus Beef represents over 40 years of selective breeding. Our purebred line of Angus Beef is ideal for the rotational organic pasture and 100% grass feed program developed on the farm.

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Fresh Organic Animal Feed & Livestock Feed

Fresh Organic Animal Feed

Ours feeds are made on an as needed basis. That way you will receive the freshest feed available for you animals. Fertrell minerals are used in all of our blended feeds.

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Free Range Organic Chicken Raised on Organic Michigan Farm

Organic Free-Range Chicken

The chicken in our retail shop is supplied by a local mid-Michigan family farm.  Our chicken-farming partner, in addition to pasture-feeding, uses our Graham’s Organic Starter and Grower Poultry feed. This partner farm goes above and beyond organic standards when it comes to animal welfare. For instance, they are involved with the Humane Society of the United States Michigan Ag Council.

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Organic Pork Products

Our pork is supplied by a local mid-Michigan organic farming partner raising heritage breeds of Gloucester Spot, American Spot and Duroc hogs. These market hogs are fed with our partner farm’s self-raised organic feed on a nearly 700 acre farm. This “fine swine” farm is certified by GOA (Global Organic Alliance). These hogs are never crated or housed in stalls.

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Organic Dairy Products from Organic Michigan Farms

Organic Dairy Products

Our milk supplier is Hilhof Dairy in Evart, Michigan. They are certified organic (by EcoCert) and produce pasteurized, non-Homogenized whole milk, 2% milk, and chocolate milk, half-n-half and cream. We also have a variety of organic cheese from Oliver Farms in Fostoria, Michigan. We stock beautiful organic farm eggs from Goodstead Farms in Hope, Michigan. Goodstead.

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What Does Certified Organic Meats Mean?

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● No pesticides or herbicides used on fields
● No Animal by-products fed
● No antibiotics or drugs used or fed
● No growth enhancers or hormones
● No genetically-modified crops fed
● No genetically-modified cattle or chickens
● No irradiation of beef
● No Cloning

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Read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to learn more about the organic products we offer!


Graham's Organics is a Proud Member of the American Grassfed Association

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