Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the difference between your beef and the grass-fed beef in my supermarket?
A: The biggest difference is the transparency of our farm. Compare a label on a package of meat in a grocery store, lacking much information, with the accessibility of Graham’s Organics. We can tell you everything about our animals—the animal’s genetics, everything they have eaten (and how that was grown), that they have not had hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics. We can tell you where and how that animal was processed. Store-brand grass-fed beef in the supermarket may not even have information about which farm it came from, definitely not what that animal has eaten, how it was finished, or how it was processed.

Q: My family member has a corn allergy (grain allergy, soy allergy.) Do your cattle eat corn, grain or soy?
A: Our animals do not eat corn, grain or soy. In addition, if you are raising your own chickens, cattle or hogs, we can supply feed that is free of these allergens to you.

Q: What is organic meat? Is your meat organic?
A: Organic meat means: NO pesticides/ herbicides used on fields,
no animal by-products used for feed, no antibiotics or drugs used or fed to animals, no growth enhancers or hormones, no genetically-modified crops fed, no genetically-modified cattle, no irradiation of beef, and no participation in cloning.
Yes, our meat is organic. Graham’s Organics meat is certified organic by OEFFA (link to

Q: Is grass-fed beef really better for you?
A: If you are on our website, we probably don’t need to convince you that grass-fed beef is more nutritious than other beef.
However, since you asked, one of the main nutritional benefits of grass-fed beef is the concentration of healthy fats—especially Omega-3s. Grass-fed beef contains 2x-4x more Omega-3 essential fatty acids than grain-fed beef.
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is another reason to eat grass-fed beef. There’s twice as much CLA in grass-fed beef vs. grain-fed. CLA is a fatty acid with a range of health benefits linked to heart health, muscle-building and possibly even weight loss.
Here are some more links if you want to dive deeper into this topic:

Q: Is buying grass-fed beef a planet-conscious, environmentally responsible choice?
A: In a word, yes! We truly believe that and it’s one of the reasons we chose to become an organic and grass-fed farm back in the 1990s. Grass-fed and pasture-based farming restores natural ecosystems, reduces reliance on chemicals, and improves the soil with organic matter. It reduces greenhouse gasses (especially CO2.)

Q: Are your animals raised a pasture where pesticides or herbicides are used?
A: Absolutely not. Our pastures and feed are strictly organic, and we are certified and annually inspected by the American Grassfed Association (link to ) and OEFFA (link to

Q: Are your animals ever confined?
A: We follow the American Grassfed Association (link to ) rules about confinement.
Our animals graze pasture where they will receive most, if not all, of their nutrition, and they fulfill their natural behaviors and basic instincts. The only exceptions to this standard are emergencies that may threaten the safety and well-being of the animals or soil, and certain management practices.

Q: Do you rotate your cattle?
A: Yes, we do rotate our cattle through our own pastures of organic clover and grasses.

Q: Who certifies your farm as organic?
A: Our farm is certified through OEFFA, or Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. We partner with OEFFA to assure our customers that we truly are striving to be organic.

Q: How are your animals “finished” aka the last three months of their lives?
A: Our cattle are fattened on grass alone. We believe the combination of amazing genetics, and years of experience in this business, helps us know when the animals “fattened” or “finished” – or in other words, ready for processing.

Q: What kinds of meat do you sell in your on-site retail store?
A: We sell our own beef, and organic chicken & pork from partner businesses. We make the pork into processed products like: bacon, brats, other sausages, hams, hotdogs, salami, and snack sticks. We advise that you call ahead for availability and current hours of our retail store.