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Fresh Organic Livestock Feed


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Fresh Organic Livestock Feed Made in Michigan

Organic Animal Feed - Organic Fresh Livestock Feed from Graham's Organics in Michigan Our feed mill was established in 2008.  We were already producing feeds for our own livestock. The demand for organic animal feed propelled us into manufacturing for the public. The commodities that supply our feed mill are raised on our farm, and provide high quality nutrition with great consistency.

Our feed is available any time of the year. You can get the feed at our farm, (3654 E. Weidman Road in Rosebush) or at the list of retailers below.  Delivery is available on large orders within the state of Michigan. Call for details.

Customers are delighted to find our locally-made Michigan organic feed. National chain organic feeds are often heat-treated, which removes some of the nutrients. Our fresh feed is not heat-treated. It is not pelletized, but actual ground grains and minerals. Everything in our feed is a ground grain or added Fertrell Mineral.

Beware: customers that use our feed, and then switch to another feed, report that their animals then won’t eat the pelletized organic feed!  Animals know the difference!  Our feed is REAL FOOD, and they know it.

Because our feed is so fresh, we recommend buying only about a three month supply at once.

Our Feed is Made with Fertrell Minerals:
Fertrell is a long-established company based in Pennsylvania.  They are the oldest organic mineral manufacturer in the USA.  We work with Fertrell because of their commitment to organic and sustainable agricultural practices. Fertrell strives to use the best ingredients possible, and provides a high-quality product. Many of their staff are trained organic inspectors, and they know the NOP requirements.

Visit Fertrell’s website for more specific information about their minerals.

    Dairy and Cattle Feed Products

    Dairy Products:

    • Calf Starter 20%
    • Calf Grower 18%
    • Custom Dairy Rations

    Fertrell Dairy Minerals:

    • Dairy Nutri-Balancer 1
    • Dairy Nutri-Balancer 2
    • Dairy Nutri-Balancer 3
    • Cattles Choice 12-12
    • Graziers Choice
    • Kelp
    • Redmond Conditioner
    • Redmond Salt
    • Redmond Fish Meal

    Goat and Sheep Feed Products

    Goat, Sheep Products

    • Goat 16%
    • Sheep 16%
    • Goat & Sheep Rations

    Fertrell Goat & Sheep Minerals:

    • Goat Nutri-Balancer
    • Sheep Nutri-Balancer

    Whole Grains:

    • Whole Corn
    • Cracked Corn
    • Roasted Soybeans
    • Whole Oats

    Swine Feed Products

    Swine Products

    Swine Grower 16%

    Swine Health Care

    Pen: Indoor housing should provide 18 square feet of space for piglet size. 45 square feet of space should be provided for weaned to finish.

    Pasturing swine requires 10 head per acre with their litters, 15 head per acre without their litters.

    Water: Fresh water is very important in swine. Drinker nipples ensure your pigs have access to fresh water on demand. The nipples reduce water waste and keep pen dryer.

    Feed: Start piglets on Swine Starter up to 50 lbs, then transition them to swine grower until finished.

    Chicken Feed and Turkey Feed Products

    Poultry Products

    • Chick Starter 20%
    • Chick Grower 18%
    • Layer Mash 17%
    • No-Soy Layer 17%
    • No-Soy Grower 18%
    • Duck Starter 20%
    • Duck Grower 18%
    • Duck Layer
    • Turkey Starter 25%

    Poultry Health Care:

    Brooder Pen: Chicks need a minimum of 6 square inches of space at a day old. As they get older, they will need more space. Always keep pen freshly bedded. Wood shavings work well for bedding.

    Water: Provide fresh water daily. Be sure to use the proper size poultry waterer to provide easy access for the chicks.

    Feed: Start chicks on Chick Starter for the first two weeks, then transition them to chick grower. Broilers require two weeks on starter. Layers require four weeks on starter.

    Temperature: The first two weeks the temperature needs to be 90 degrees. Then slowly take the heat away over the next two weeks.  If it is too cold, the chicks will huddle up to stay warm. Rapid movement means they are comfortable.

    Custom blends may be available. Please call us for details.

    Where Can I Buy Fresh Organic Animal Feed in Michigan?

    Michigan Retailers of Fresh Organic Livestock Feed from Graham's Organics

    Cedar Springs Mill

    112 W. Beech St. NE
    Cedar Springs, MI 49319

    (616) 696-9740

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    Piers Feed & Country Store

    A4384 58th St.
    Holland, MI 49423

    (616) 396-2586

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    Northwoods Feed

    7235 E. 34th Rd.
    Cadillac, MI 49601

    (231) 779-9883

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    Ovid Elevator

    125 N. Main St.
    Ovid, MI 48866

    (989) 834-2282

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    Farmers Cooperative

    2364 64th Ave.
    Zeeland Charter Township, MI 49464

    (616) 669-9596

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    Willis Feed Mill

    10200 Railroad St.
    Willis, MI 48191

    (734) 461-1111

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    Family Farm & Home

    1040 S. Main St.
    Chelsea, MI 48118

    (734) 562-2490

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    Healthy Futures Organic Feed Supply

    7508 M E Cad Blvd
    Suite B
    Clarkston, MI 48348


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    Johnston Elevator

    307 N McEwan St
    Clare, MI 48617


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