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Angus Beef - More Details

Purebred Angus Beef

Grahams Organics pastured Black Angus Beef represents over 40 years of selective breeding. Our purebred line of Angus Beef is ideal for the rotational organic pasture and 100% grass feed program developed on the farm.

Organic Feed - More Details

Fresh Organic Feed

Ours feeds are made on an as needed basis. That way you will receive the freshest feed available for you animals. Fertrell minerals are used in all of our blended feeds.

Meat Processing - More Details

Meat Processing

Our USDA, Custom and Organically certified meat processing plant enables us and other local livestock producers to get our products into wholesale and retail markets. All meat processed is dry aged, processed, vacuum packaged and flash froze to ensure a fresh and tasteful product.

Certified Organic Means

● No pesticides or herbicides used on fields
● No Animal by-products fed
● No antibiotics or drugs used or fed
● No growth enhancers or hormones
● No genetically-modified crops fed
● No genetically-modified cattle or chickens
● No irradiation of beef
● No Cloning