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Purebred Angus Beef

What is grass-fed beef? What does it mean when you pick up a package of “grass-fed” beef in your grocery store? Where does the beef come from?  “Grass-fed” can mean several things. To Graham’s Organics, it means controlling the entire life cycle of our cattle – from their first-rate genetics, to their feed, to fattening them on grass alone. Transparency is the name of our game. We welcome your questions about our process.

Our cattle are fed entirely grass and organic, soy-free feed blends that we grow on our own mid-Michigan farm. We know when the cattle are considered “fattened” on grass alone.  The quality of our beef comes from the superior genetics of our cattle. Our delicious beef is the result of over 40 years of selective Angus breeding by our genetics partner, Kansas-based Ohlde Cattle Company. We bought our first small group of cattle from Ohlde in 1999, and currently keep a herd of about 100 head of cattle.

Chicken & Pork

We offer retail sales of chicken and pork products raised by our local Mid-Michigan partners. Our chicken supplier feeds his flocks with our organic feed, and processes the chicken on their site. Our pork partner raises his hogs organically.  We create amazing pork products in our on-site processing facility, and sell both chicken and pork 9am-5pm, Thurs and Friday, as well as 9-noon Saturday at our retail store on-site (confirm hours). Processed pork products that may be available are: bacon, brats, other sausages, hams, hotdogs, salami, and snack sticks. If you are hoping for certain products, please call ahead, and we will do our best to supply what you want.

Fresh Organic Feed

Everything in our feed blends is grown organically. We make our feed in small batches as needed. That way, you receive the freshest possible feed for your animals, providing the most organic nutrition for your money.

Our feed blends do not contain common allergens like corn or soy, so some customers with severe allergies use our feed to craft meat that has no trace of those allergens. We have the ability to craft a custom feed blend for allergy situations or just for your preference. (I am not sure if all feed is devoid of corn and soy or if you must request it. Thus the red letters.) Fertrell minerals are used in all of our blended feeds.

Certified Organic Means

  • No pesticides or herbicides used on fields

  • No animal by-products fed

  • No antibiotics or drugs used or fed

  • No growth enhancers or hormones

  • No genetically-modified crops fed

  • No genetically-modified cattle or chickens

  • No irradiation of beef

  • No cloning