Organic Feeds

Ours feeds are made on an as needed basis. That way you will receive the freshest feed available for you animals. Fertrell minerals are used in all of our blended feeds.

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The following blended feeds are available in 50 lb bags:

Chick Starter
Turkey Starter
Layer Grower
Broiler Grower
Duck Starter
Duck Grower
Swine Grower
Sheep Grower
Goat 16%
Calf Starter
Calf Grower
Custom Dairy Blends (10-18%)

Fertrell minerals available:

Cattle Choice 12-12
Dairy # 1 and Dairy #3
Fish Meal
Graziers Choice
Poultry Nutri Balancer
Redmond Salt
Rumi-Cult 40
Sheep Nutri-Balancer
Swine Nutri-Balancer
Vitamin E & Selenium

Also available:

Whole corn
Cracked Corn
Whole Oats
Roasted Soybeans